Fairy Temporary Tattoo

When it comes to popular tattoo designs, the fairy temporary tattoo ranks among some of the top designs and is more common among women, with a very small portion of men choosing this design. The fairy temporary tattoo design is very popular in a variety of different areas on the body like the shoulder, hips, lower back, ankle, etc.. and because fairies are considered to be small, people often have a very small tattoo design. Fairy tattoos can either look very realistic or they can be inked in cartoon form like a “Tinkerbell” temporary tattoo. One of the main characteristics about fairy tattoos is there beauty; they come in a variety of different colors with nearly any color combination working with the design. These designs can be depicted in a variety of positions, like standing, flying, sitting, reclining, or crouching and can be elaborated to include flowers, petals, mushrooms, toadstool, butterflies, hummingbirds or leaves.