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The first German Andre Aton Feinikesi sun center University of Arizona is 19 years old.

The sun in the center position in urgent need of reinforcement, and the accepted draft and is the most efficient University player is just the best candidate for this position. For the Suns, it seems to be a very simple choice, especially considering the alerton and Arizona closely, of course, the Suns owner Robert Saville.

In order to maximize the potential as he headed center, Aidan must strengthen their own defense, and make good use of their 7 foot 5 Zeus like arms, especially as a support frame player, Aidan’s defensive instincts and discipline there are many places need to be improved.

The future of alliance — 2018 ESPN simulation draft Part II

Line-up collocation

Aidan’s joining will not solve Feinikesi’s defensive side problem, but he is expected to improve the offensive side of the sun. At the same time, he also can bring the envy in German – Josh – Jackson, Booker, TJ- Warren and Dragan bender the young core physical talent and excellent offensive skills.

Solar rest period of concern

The sun wants their young core lineup to help the team go all the way. The biggest question in the offseason: will they renew their bookings with top pay? If you choose to wait for the new contract, the sun will have a maximum of 40 million dollars in the summer of 2019. If Booker renewed the contract, the figure would be cut by half.

The future of alliance — 2018 ESPN simulation draft Part II

Second Luca – east Chaka cramento King defender, Real Madrid, 19

Now the most mature European nova, East Qiqi has been ready to compete in NBA as well as other players. 6 feet 8 inches tall and roll but have a point guard, the elite court vision instigated comprehensive scoring method and keen basketball sense, it is the East Qiqi for modern basketball players to create. The prodigy has been a high level starter since the first day and is also a strong contender for next season’s best rookie.

Has the incomparable vision, accuracy and confidence, the East is the best pick and roll pass jelincic class player, because he can read the game from the three point line, and as a 10 year veteran has accurate passes to the ambush in the weak side of the pitcher.

The future of alliance — 2018 ESPN simulation draft Part II

Line-up collocation

East Qiqi can give immediate help to the kings who played the half court offense last season. His biography, transport, shoot three abilities are very suitable for the king’s Fawkes and Bogdan – Daron bogdahn Norwich, Justin Jackson, and Rabbi Sie – Stan cowley. Let east to promote the transformation of the attack and CIC in the half court attack roll is to use the best method to him, and the king of his skill but also highlights the role players.

The concern of the king’s rest period

The current lineup with seven players (including rookie) in his rookie contract in the offseason, there will be a $17 million space, and have 13 players under contract by. By the summer of 2019, the king could create as much as 58 million dollars. Emphasizing the development of players and turning them into field success may help Sacramento become an option for free players in 2019.

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In the news of the bleachers, James was reluctant to reveal his whereabouts. But Kevin, the inner knight, said he wanted to go with James.

Once James left, the knights would probably be happy to rebuild their business. Lok Fu has long been accustomed to falling into trading rumors: “people have been saying for the past four years that I know they will come sooner or later. I would like to stay here. I have been saying, “I always want to win here.”

He also said he would like to go on a partnership with James: “obviously I would like to keep going with Lebron, but it depends on his next choice.”

The contract is worth $24 million next season and he has a $25 million 500 thousand player option in the 19-20 season. “I bet they’ll have a first round sign, and there’s a year left for them, so they don’t want to spend money,” according to the knight journalist Khost.

The playoffs in the playoffs are 14.9 points, the only player in James’s scoring field.

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The Cavaliers were defeated by the 85-108 warriors at home. They were swept away by 0-4 points and lost the championship for two consecutive years.

Coach coach teren lux appeared at the news conference at the first time. When asked about the reason for the defeat, Lu emphasized the defense.

“I think defense and communication are the reasons.” “But it’s really hard,” said teren Lu. They have excellent speed of movement, and five players on the field can dribble, pass and shoot. They can all be the core of the organization. So if you make a mistake, they will pay you right away. This is the fearful place of the warriors. ”

“Even when you defend well, Currie Thompson and Durant are able to complete some incredible shots. Of course, there are some problems in communication when we are changing, and the teams are not good at them.

The end of the finals means the end of the season. James’s departure is a top priority in off season. After the match, the reporter also inquired about the answer of coach teren Lu.

“I hope he stays. We all know that. But after such a competition, I am not qualified to talk about it. I’m very grateful for what he did this season. Lu said.

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The third match of the finals ended with the victory of the warriors again. After the game, the warrior double star Curie and Green joined the post Games conference to bring you some wonderful questions and answers from the conference.

Q: what’s the mood when Stephen throws 9 points three points and throws in three points?

Currie: all in all, it was a crazy night. I didn’t do much at the offense, so I was trying to play the energy and do those little things to help the team win, but at the critical moment I threw in one, and I still have confidence in myself. My teammates are communicating with me all the time, which is very helpful to me. I am very grateful to the last one.

I played with my brother when I was little, and I had to practice one before leaving the stadium.

Q: can you tell me that when Kevin scored the big three points, you both were very excited, could you repeat the scene at that time?

Green: I said dirty words and cursed him. But I was so happy that I didn’t say anything. But it was a very important goal, from Stephen’s three points to him, as he did 38 feet away from the basket. The ball is very important, so I… I remember I was in high spirits.

Q: did the ball remind you of the third match of last year’s finals?

Green: absolutely, the place of departure is similar, a bit further. The ball reappeared yesterday, as he had last year.

Q: is it annoying to eat your skills? Or are you proud that you have not lost your mind after conflict? Second, how much do you want to end this series on Friday?

Answer: I am not angry with myself, but things have happened. This is the case in the NBA finals. When two teams are full of competition, there is a powder of gunpowder. It is important that I do not get second, and the important thing is to be part of a special cause.

But in the end, none of this is important. We have the chance to end the series on Friday. We are now concentrating on these.

Q: can you tell me what Iguodala said to you on the way to the locker room? He was talking to you around the neck.

Currie: he told me what the team wanted to do at dinner in the evening. I agree with his choice.

Q: Stephen, what kind of luxury do you have when you have such a projection, with players like Kevin and Durant who have done everything to bring the team to win? Many stars do not have such a condition.

Currie: in the past two years, I’ve been working with Kevin Durant. He is a great player who works wonders every night. We benefit from each other, so tonight’s offensive situation is bad. Tonight belongs to him. As I said, such a moment is wonderful, and we encourage each other all the way. We appreciate what we bring to us. We can talk about him all night. He is excellent.

Q: Dream aside and data aside. What do you think is the difference between his first aggression and the past two? Do you think it has something to do with his recent criticism and rebound?

Chase: I think he had a good start from the first game. I haven’t seen any criticism from his defensive side. Because he rebounded to attract too much attention and might be in our favor.

When he is always aggressive in rebounding tonight, 13 rebounds are very important, especially when you fight against the big man. We need someone to stand up for rebounds. He is crucial tonight.

After the first game, the increase in aggressiveness at both ends is the key to our current lead, from defending Lebron to scoring. He has been our most important force at both ends of the attack and defense, which is why we are 3-0 ahead.

Q: Stephen, Lebron calls Kevin “Assassin”. How can he do as he did in the last 45 seconds in two years? This time is 5 feet farther away than last year.

Currie: extreme self-confidence. He has been hone his skills. He is ready to welcome such a moment. When you have such confidence in yourself, such a moment will never be too hard for you. It is important that he has been courageous and calm for two years. I think only he knows how much effort he has made, which is the work of superstar.

Q: did you win at home and at home? Is it more meaningful for you to sweep your opponents?

A: we didn’t think so much. We only wanted the next fourth games. We want to win the championship and we will not celebrate it until we achieve this goal. The important thing is to win four games. We have put ourselves in a good position, and we need another 48 minutes to complete the work.


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The warriors won the finals by 2-0 points in 122-103 finals.

Curry contributed 33 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists, and hit 9 points, three points, a record high in the finals. It is also important to note that the total number of three points in the final of the finals has now reached 90, beyond James to history first, and his team mate Clay is also a milestone in this service, becoming the sixth player in the playoff history to break through 300 points in the total number of three points.

Clay sprained his left ankle high in the first leg of the finals, but the injury did not affect his offensive touch. He contributed 20 points in 8 of the 13 throws.

When he talked about his ankle injury after the match, clay said, “I didn’t know that my ankle was so heavy before I was hurt.”

Kuri Wenyan, who was beset by ankle injuries in the early days of his career, could not help joking, “you should ask me.”

The record of the three points of a single game in the finals was kept by ray Allen, but the record of ray Allen is now easy to master, and he started the game with 9 points and three points. After the game, Mr. Currie said, “it means a lot to me. Reggie Miller and ray Allen ‘s name often appeared in my career, and they had almost covered all the historical records of three points, so it was a very special thing to compare them with them.”

In addition, Curie also said he did not intend to pursue a three point record. For him, competing for the championship is the top priority.

“No matter what the season is going on, it is a cool record. It has been maintained for about 6 years or 8 years. But in the final analysis, we are all trying our best to compete for the championship.

“I have always said that if we concentrate on this, good things will happen. I didn’t start thinking about my 9 – three record. I wanted to play the ball in the right way and how to play the expected performance. Tonight is particularly special. I hope there will be more special things happening later, so that we can win two more victories. ” Said Currie.

Although the warriors have taken 2-0 of the lead, they haven’t relaxed their vigilance at all. Clay said to this: “we are extremely focused now. The Cavaliers were also 0-2 behind in the last series, but they still won the final victory. The 2-0 lead is not very happy for us. They play well at home, not only James but also his teammates can play well. So we will not relax, we will only focus on winning third games.

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The knights were interviewed on the training day. They are currently 0-1 behind the warriors.

George Hill missed a key penalty shot in the last 4.7 seconds, and the penalty shot could make them win in a regular time. Today, in an interview on training day, Hill said that this is probably the saddest defeat in his career.

“This may be at the top of the list. It’s really sad. This is very sad. There has been a series of things: offensive offense has been changed, KD has scored two points, and I missed the key penalty. So it’s really sad. I think the team played well, almost touched the victory, I missed the penalty shot, I feel like I have ruined the team’s victory. Hill said.

Later, he added, he almost sleepless nights, but the encouragement of his teammates helped him out.

“I almost sleepless all night, playback the penalty shot and play that round. In my mind, I kept thinking about those rounds that I had done wrong. As a player and a competitor, I had the chance to help the team win the game, but I blew it. It’s awful for me. This is one of the worst feelings I’ve ever felt in my life. But I have a great group of teammates. From last night to this morning, they kept telling me that they forgot the turn and focused on the next game. Hill said.

At the same time, he said, Lebron chose to trust him in that key round and pass the ball to him. This is what Lebron did as always, and he always believes in his teammates.

Hill said, “I believe in Lebron. I think Lebron also believes that everyone can play the right round. He is so late at night. ” “I know that he will make the right choice under any circumstances. If he gets shot, he shoots, and if he has the chance to pass the ball to a better man, he will do so.

At the same time, Hill said, although G1’s defeat is very uncomfortable, but the team still has confidence.

“I think we are the only ones who think we can win. I’m sure many of you think we’re out of the way. It’s a lot of media that think we’re out of play and a lot of teams think we’re out of the game. So we do not fight for you. We fight for Cleveland. We fight for each other. ” Hill said.


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Knights 114-124 are no match for warriors. The finals are G1 overtime.

JR Smith’s last 4.7 second “operation” was the hottest topic of tweet, and chivalry coach teren Lu was asked at the beginning of the post – game press conference.

“He thought we were ahead of a point.” “He thought the game was over,” said teren Lu.

After that, teren Lu explained why he didn’t call a timeout.

“Who knows JR can have finished a layup… Lebron was also in a space for a second, but everything happened too fast. ” Lu said.

The Cavaliers were dragged into overtime after the decision of the referee and JR’s “crazy operation” at the end of the game.

“We worked hard. The players played very well in the overtime. We got some shooting opportunities, but we didn’t shoot in, and our opponents threw in the overtime. Lu said.

James scored 51 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists in the match, creating a series of great records. In this regard, teren Lu was also asked how to evaluate.

“This is great, like an epic,” said teren Lu. He did enough and carried the team to win. We are only a little bit worse. This is Lebron, and this is the man of Lebron. That’s why he is the best player in the world. He’s doing this all season. “

Later, he was asked that no one thought before the competition that the Cavaliers could play this way today.

“Just say what you like before you start playing.” “I think our team, especially a lot of them, is the first to play the finals, and the way they play today,” he said. “I think we have played very well.”


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According to ESPN, warrior striker Andre Iguodala has recently received second recommendations for treating knee injuries and is still looking for effective treatments. The Warriors also formally labeled their injuries as lateral contusion of the left leg.

The 6 – foot, 7 – Inch winger Wagman plans to find a suitable treatment in the next few days, and it is still unknown whether he will play in the first game of the finals against knights.

The 2015 finals MVP has been absent from the past four games. He was injured in a collision with James harden in a defense against G3 in West Germany. Earlier today, warrior boss Steve Cole said it was very difficult for Iguodala to play in West Germany because of injury.

“He’s depressed,” Cole admits. “But his body is not ready yet.”

It is worth noting that warrior striker Drummond Green also sprained his ankle in G7 fourth.

“I told the trainer Chelsea Lane in the game that I sprained my ankle, but now I don’t feel a sore feeling, I know it’s the role of adrenaline.” Green confessed.

He scored 10 points, 13 rebounds and 5 assists in the match, but obviously limped when he walked. But after treatment, Green did not seem to be a big obstacle. He also wanted to play in the finals G1.

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In the western finals of the battle of the heavenly kings, the Rockets won the match by winning the champion by 98-94.

Harden in the cold, 21 5, three, 11, 0, 19 points 3 rebounds 4 assists 2 steals, but he in the final stage for Gordon to deliver assists, the latter hit the key three points to help the Rockets win the game. Gordon has hit the key long shot in two consecutive games, and he contributed the highest 24 points of the team, making up for the firepower gap after harden’s dumb fire.

The Rockets are now only one step away from the finals, and Houston is boiling. But after harden, they say that their current mindset has not changed. He said: “it’s not a change for us. We are a game, a round, a round, we do our best to compete and get the best opportunities for ourselves. It has always been so.”

In addition, harden, speaking of his low shooting performance, said, “who cares? I just missed some shots, but we finally won the game. I tried my best to compete in the defensive end and help the team win in other ways. And we have Gordon, who can attack and attack at the offensive side.

It is important to note that Paul, who contributed 20 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 to win the winner, was injured in the last stage of his right leg, and the team will assess his specific injuries. Rockets coach DAntoni revealed that if Paul was absent from the Western Conference finals due to injury G6, Gordon would replace him.

In this regard, Gordon said: “no matter whether the first or not, my role has not changed, what I need to do is to play aggressiveness and play the role of the organizers, I have been preparing.”

The two teams are always at a standstill in the decisive stage, which is not only the competition of skills and tactics, but also the wrestling of willpower. Talking about the will power of the team after the game, Harden said, “we have been showing our tenacity, we don’t have to explain too much, and don’t have to talk much about it. This is the motto of our whole season. We don’t have to say much more. We play hard enough on the spot. We have proved that others are wrong to us. ”

In addition to the two teams of attack and defense game, Harden said: “it is to see who can guard against the opponents and get the opportunity to relax, they are good at switching, can get a lot of scores through the quick attack, once we are reluctant to shoot or mistake, they will push back quickly.” We are two excellent teams, especially on the defensive side, so we can see who can attack.

The Rockets have scored two points to beat the warriors to less than 100 percent, and their defensive performance is the key to winning. In this regard, Harden said: “I feel that no matter who, as long as we go all out, the defensive end plays the continuity and creates the opportunity, we can laugh at the end or win the chance, and we have done both of the games.”

“Yes, you can’t forget that we are an experienced team, we know what to do, and we know how to win.” Gordon also said, “we are proud of our defense, and we are proud that defense can create a lot of offensive opportunities for us.”


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Marcus – SMIT is a mixture of love and hate between the green army fans. At home, he continued to win. With 13 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists, he became the steel bullet that allowed the rider to respond.

At the end of the first quarter, the riders narrowed the difference to 1 points, and Smart received a decisive pass from Jielun Brown. Probably knowing the star of star, James, who cooperated with him, just symbolized a rush, and SMAT scored three points. Prior to the end of the first quarter, SMAT was the two time to repay Jielun’s three points.

To be fair, SMAT’s shooting is only the level of nerve knife. But he wins today in the choice of caution, at the end of the second quarter, knight to 10 points, Smart hit TT hit the plate at this time.

In addition to shooting badly, the SMAT guards did fairly well. Usually he dribbling to the front court to feed the empty teammates. The three quarter ended 3 minutes and 52 seconds. Marcus Maurice cut the shot and the green army led 12 points. After a three point hit with confidence, the green army took the lead to 15 points.

At the end of the third quarter, when the two sides are stalemate, no one can resist anyone. Using the Knights of God, Maurice found the basketball player in the basket, and the latter laid the basketball easy. At the beginning of the last quarter, Smart scored three points and scored 19 points at the green army’s home court.

In the away game, Smart often did not have such vigor and sight as home. Stevens coach certainly does not want the team to rely on their hopes to win seven at home, which requires him to explode in the next match.